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We've put together a bunch of articles below that you can access to give you useful advice on selling your property yourself. If its something you haven't done before then it can be a daunting concept, but like all daunting concepts the more information you have, the better equipped you are to deal with the eventualities.

Should you sell your property without the help of a property agent?
This impartial article discusses the pros and cons of using an agent to sell your property. Familiarise yourself with the positives and the negatives of selling your house yourself before making your mind up.

Why sell your property yourself?
Here we dig a little deeper into the benefits of selling your property yourself and give 9 great reasons why selling your own house is the way forward.

What price should you ask for your property?
A major decision you need to make before selling your house via tudomo is what the asking price should be. Its good to do some research to identify what is a fair price to both you and the buyer as this will improve the speed at which your property sells.

Getting all your documentation together
Make sure that you're prepared when a potential buyer comes to view your property. Make sure you get all your documents together in one place and familiarise yourself with the key facts to impress potential buyers.

How to negotiate the best price for your property
You want to make as much profit as you can from selling your house whilst the buyer wants to get the best deal for themselves. Negotiation is required to get to a figure that you're both happy with.

How to photograph your house
The photograph of your house is the first impression that someone has of your property when you're selling online so its important that it looks good. This article takes you through a number of key things to consider when photographing your property.

When is the best time of year to sell your house?
Like any commodity that is bought or sold there are some times in the year when your house will sell quicker than others. Selling your home at the right time of year can generate a higher number of offers on your property.

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