frequently asked questions

How do I sell my property through tudomo?
Simply navigate to the sell page and start filling in the relevant information. You can navigate to this page from anywhere in the site by clicking the "sell for free" link at the top of the page.
What are the benefits of selling with tudomo?
There are many benefits to selling your property with tudomo. Some of them are listed here
How much does it cost to sell my property with tudomo?
Selling your property with tudomo doesn't cost you anything.
How much does it cost to buy a property through tudomo?
Buying your property with tudomo doesn't cost you anything either.
Will you ever ask me for any money for listing my property with tudomo?
No, not for the standard service - this will always be free. We do charge for extras such as becoming a featured property, personalising your property description or adding a link to an external website with more details about your property but whether you purchase these or not is down to you.
How does tudomo make any money?
We wanted to concentrate on providing a completely free service for house sellers. We make our money charging for extras and selling advertising space, services and software.
How do I find a property that is listed for sale on tudomo?
All properties are accessible from the home page. You can either use the selectors to filter the properties based on your requirements or, if you know the property code, just enter it into the box in the top right hand corner and you will be taken directly to your chosen property. You can navigate to the property listings page from anywhere in the site by clicking the buy direct link at the top of the page.
Is it necessary for me to hire a lawyer to sell my own home?
Yes. We wouldn't recommend selling your home without some kind of legal help.
What is your success rate in selling properties?
We only act as a facilitator - we list the properties for sale and allow the potential buyer to contact the seller. We don't get involved directly with the selling process so are unable to determine our success rate.
Do you only list homes for sale? Do you list any other property types?
We list commercial properties and land for sale too. We don't list rentals but we may look at that in the future.
Why are some property listings more complete than others?
We encourage the seller to provide as much information about their property as they can but understand that they may not have all the details to hand so we don't make all the information compulsory. We do however insist on the upload of at least one photograph to ensure that the site maintains consistency.
How do I edit my property? How often can I edit my property?
To edit your property, click on the lock icon in the top right hand corner of the screen or browse to
Help! I am having trouble logging in.
Don't worry - we can help! Click on the lock icon in the top right hand corner of the screen or browse to Here you can enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you.
Can I deactivate my ad and then activate again later?
Not at the moment. This is a popular request and this functionality will be added in the future.
How do I cancel my property listing?
Simply click on the delete link in the manage properties section.
Do you offer for sale signs?
Not at the moment but it is a priority so watch this space.
How do I reply to an e-mail from a potential buyer?
Just hit reply on your email client and you're ready to go! Its as simple as that. We may add this to the system in the future to allow people to converse through tudomo but at the time of writing its all done via email.
Does tudomo save a copy of the emails sent to me?
No, we don't. All email correspondence is done directly between yourself and the potential buyer.
How do I find out how many people have viewed my property on tudomo?
The number of times that your property has been viewed is shown on your actual property listing.
When and how do I post photos of my property?
Photos of your property are added when you list your property.
How do I add or delete my property photos?
To manage your photos, go to the manage section of the site and you can add or delete your photos there.
What is the best photo to use for my Main Photo?
Your main photo is the one that appears in the property listings and the first one that comes up in the slideshow. We would recommend using a photo of the front of your property here if your property is not a flat/apartment or condominium. If your property is one of these then we'd recommend a nice picture of your lounge as the main photograph.
I replaced a photo on my ad with a new photo but I can still see the old one, why?
This is unusual but may be due to your browser displaying the picture from its cache rather than directly from the Internet. Try clearing your cache and that should fix the problem.
How can I advertise my business on tudomo?
If you're interesting in partnering with us for either advertising or any other business relationship then please get in touch with us via the Contact page.
If I give you my email address, will you send spam or sell it?
No. We hate spam as much as you do. Your email address will only be used for contacting you about your listing or for allowing potential buyers to contact you. You can find out more about this in our Privacy Policy
Will my e-mail address remain private after I list my property?
We won't display your email address anywhere on our site. The only people that have access to it are potential buyers and ourselves. Further privacy information can be found in our Privacy Policy
I received a fraudulent or Spam e-mail through my listing. What do I do?
If you receive a fraudulent or unsolicited email through your listing then please forward it to us through the Contact page and we will take the appropriate action.
What is a featured property and how can I make my property a featured one?
Featured properties have bright pink markers, they appear above the standard listings in the properties box on the left and are featured on the home page a random number of times. This is a paid service and costs just €20 per month. To make your property a featured property simply choose this option when listing your property or use the manage section to add this extra service.
How can I personalise my listing?
If you think there are some important selling points to your property that we didn't ask you about then you can add your own description to the property. This costs €10 per month and can be selected either when you list your property or by accessing the manage section.
How do I add a link to my own listing on another website?
Adding a link to another website can be helpful if you have additional information about your property on an external site. You can add a website address to your listing either when you list your property or by visiting the manage section after your property is listed. Please note that this is a paid for service and costs €10 per month.
How can I contact tudomo?
That's an easy one! You can click here or on the contact link which appears at the bottom of every page.

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